A smart playbook solution for in-house lawyers

Get a playbook tailored to your business

Easy adoption with MS Word-based tool

Enable your legal team or the business to do more legal work safely 

Clone your best contracts lawyer.

Whole team will use your best fallbacks and drafting


LexPlay solution

First we create a killer playbook

Our lawyers analyse your previous markups and build a playbook that reflects your current practice + what we know is 'market'.

All your preferred legal and commercial positions, drafting + fallbacks in one place.

Your team can negotiate with confidence and close deals faster.

Playbook will reflect the nuances of your business.

Then we upload the playbook to the tool

The playbook will live where you work - in a 

MS Word side-panel.

Insert 'scenario-driven' fallbacks and pre-canned sample language with a single click.

Use the playbook as a  detailed checklist to make sure nothing is missed (for third-party paper)

Edit the playbook right from Word side-panel to ensure your playbook is always up-to-date.

Empower your team

Stay aligned as a team. Train up your lawyers using best-practice knowledge from day 1.

Make self-serve or junior lawyer work less risky using 'scenario-driven' fallbacks.

Collaborate with team members on the playbook using built-in comments section.

Re-use your best arguments across your team with pre-formatted comment inserts.

Get pricing that fits your budget

Most popular add-ons


tell us your needs:

Build a custom template

  • No. of users who work on contracts (e.g. legal / procurement / sales)
  • No. of playbooks required
  • Own template or third party paper

Get maximum value from your playbook. Our lawyers will build you a template that's designed to close deals quickly.

Custom playbook creation

Need to free up time? Send our lawyers a contract to negotiate using your playbook. Get a markup in 2 days max.

License to playbook tool 

  • save time with 'one-click' automations
  • miss nothing with clause checklists
  • make self-serve processes less risky

Regular playbook updates

We will review your markups each quarter and update the playbook so your positions are always up-to-date.

LexPlay is perfect for all contracts including:

Vendor / procurement contracts

SaaS agreements

MSAs and SOWs

Sponsorship agreements

Data privacy agreements (DPAs)

Affiliate agreements

Partnership agreements

Sub-contractor agreements

And much more!

Get a quote or schedule a demo

Reach out to us and see LexPlay in action, ask us your questions and get a quote.

You can also email us at: team@lexoo.com




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