Is your legal team working overtime?

Get recurring workstreams and multi-country projects off your plate



Minimal rework

Fast & convenient turnaround times at peak

Former in-house lawyers who are always commercial

Designed to ensure work doesn't bounce back to you

Our services

Recurring workstreams

Multi-country projects

Sales, procurement contracts, NDAs, and data protection

Regulatory questions, terms localisation, international expansion

Fixed monthly pricing

We engage and manage lawyers for you

Projects as large as 70 countries completed on time

Work completed end-to-end

Fast turnaround - even at peak times

Fixed price, fast turnaround

Outsourcing with Lexoo

Process driven

Legal expertise is just a starting point for us. We design processes and technology that deliver consistent legal work to you faster, and for less cost.

Efficiency focused

We find small changes that make a big difference. We collect data on your contracts and internal processes to remove sticking points to dramatically reduce turnaround time.

Continually improving

We're always looking for ways to improve legal workstreams. We learn and match your risk appetite to tailor our work to you.


Talk to us aboutoutsourcing with Lexoo

If you have a recurring workstream or multi-country project you think we could help with (or if you're just curious!) leave us a message and we'll be in touch. 




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