Thumbnail Growth Mindset

The benefits of having a growth-mindset vs a fixed-mindset have, in recent years, become widely accepted in cognitive psychology, education, and business. While mindset is shaped on an individual basis, there are entire industries that are moulded by a mindset. Examples of industry-wide biases in mindset are aviation (growth), healthcare (fixed), economics (fixed), sports (growth), science (growth) and, yes… legal (fixed).

Legal’s fixed mindset has created an attitude of “exceptionalism” in legal, because it’s just too individual and too particular to be streamlined or consistent.
There is also no incentive for law firms to try to do better, either. Their mistakes result in more money, so why would they want to resolve them? They can also be sued for honest mistakes which creates a blame culture where no one is willing to own up to mistakes.

We don't agree that it needs to be this way, so we created a quick guide outlining some steps in-house teams can take to successfully cultivate a growth mindset.