Guide: How to run a playbook workshop

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A useful guide to creating contract playbooks

  • If you're looking to build a playbook but don't know where to start: this guide will help you.
  • When building a contract playbook, most people don't know what to include, and the most common mistake they make is trying to cover every possible scenario.
  • Would you agree that you're going to struggle deciding: Which clauses or issues to include? What info is required, and how much? And whether you might of missed something important?
  • Not only does this sound difficult - it's also the wrong approach.

What do you get by downloading this guide?

  • You'll learn a simpler, leaner, more collaborative workshop approach to building a playbook that leverages the 80/20 rule.
  • You'll find the 20% that causes the most issues / hangups / back-and-forth - and proven methodology to help fix it.
  •  You'll take the pressure off creating a contract playbook upfront and get the biggest gains from relatively little effort.

What other in-house lawyers say

"Love the simplicity!"

"This is a great methodology."

"You have simplified something that feels very daunting."

 "I totally agree that it's generally 3-5 issues that take up most of the negotiation time."

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