Flexible BAU support
Increase your team's capacity as and when you need it. 
Legal teams that want to be involved more strategically in their businesses need time to establish relationships with stakeholders, understand how other departments in the business operate, and grow a reputation of being a strategic advisor.

Often, however, legal teams struggle to find time to do this because they are spending too much time on BAU matters like high-frequency work: commercial contracts, employment, or data protection. When too much time is focused on BAU instead of strategic work, negative feedback loops form, making it more difficult to find time for work that matters most.

That's why we're offering a solution.
By reducing the BAU load, teams are able to invest more time and effort in strategic work, meaning they have more time to build relationships, more time to understand key business requirements, and more time to make the legal department more efficient. This positive loop means teams can play a more strategic role in the business and be invited to conversations earlier.

Lexoo has found a way to free you from time constraints of BAU work, without the tradeoffs typically associated with outsourcing:
    • No need to chase and rework: we understand you and your business, build playbooks, refine templates and run continuous improvement processes
    • Lexoo embeds with your team: work with us like you’d work with a colleague so we are easy to work with and understand your real world context
    • Show KPIs for BAU work to demonstrate efficiency internall
    • Predictable and competitive fees: Low hourly rate or fixed fee per contract due to investments in process and tech
    • Scales up and down: minimum commitment linked to your slowest months, but scales up seamlessly when your business needs it
Streamlined Workflows
Defined engagement, communication and delivery.
We work with you to understand how your team likes to manage your workflow and bring our lawyers up to speed with how you like to work. Whether you manage incoming work through slack, trello, email, or any other service, we will adapt so you can assign work as seamlessly as possible. 

As part of building up your company profile, we also take into account whether you have playbooks for your commercial contracts, your risk appetite, and other commercial drivers which impact on your output so as we can deliver the work just how you like it. 
How we're supporting other legal teams this way

Get legal advice that matches your commercial goals, every time. 👇

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