Flexible Overflow
Increase your team's capacity as and when you need it. 
Business needs are rarely predictable. Fluctuating demand causes backlogs for legal teams and prevents them working on strategic projects.  Increasing headcount is an expensive and inflexible way to dial up your capacity, and law firm rates don't always allow for a recurring support function.

That's why we're offering a different solution.

By engaging Lexoo lawyers to help with common areas of legal work, they function as a flexible extension of your team.

We also understand that legal teams need cost-certainty, so we work with you to understand what pricing model is most efficient and practical for you; fixed-fee per contract, monthly retainer for a certain number of hours, or even a day-rate.

Lexoo is offering legal teams a flexible means of managing their workflow with recurring work like : 
    • Sales agreements
    • Employment agreements
    • License agreements
    • Debt collection
    • Trademark monitoring
Streamlined Workflows
Defined engagement, communication and delivery.
We work with you to understand how your team likes to manage your workflow and bring our lawyers up to speed with how you like to work. Whether you manage incoming work through slack, trello, email, or any other service, we will adapt so you can assign work as seamlessly as possible. 

As part of building up your company profile, we also take into account whether you have playbooks for your commercial contracts, your risk appetite, and other commercial drivers which impact on your output so as we can deliver the work just how you like it. 
How we're supporting other legal teams this way

Get legal advice that matches your commercial goals, every time. 👇

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