Get maternity cover for your contract lawyers

Specialist commercial contract support for 

in-house legal teams without the hassle of hiring.

Fill the gap in your team with Lexoo's contract review support

  • Fill the gap in coverage without hiring an interim lawyer and paying exorbitant day-rates. 
  • Outsource routine commercial contracts to our team of former in-house lawyers.
  • Make the handover process feel easy and less uncertain for everyone involved.
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Example maternity cover workload:



strategic work

commercial contract review  work

i.e., big internal projects, ad-hoc advice, departmental goals

i.e., SaaS contracts, vendor agreements, MSAs, DPAs, and more

Send to 

Reallocate internally


How it's better than traditional hiring

Interim hire

Hiring is a pain and eats up all my time

Recruiting is a pain, hiring the wrong person is always a risk, and training them up is time-consuming. I just need this off my to-do list.

Get help in days, not weeks

Using our speedy onboarding process,  we can begin reviewing contracts in days, not weeks (with max 2-day contract turnaround time).

Is this person the right fit?

I need someone who is commercial, who is aligned to my risk tolerance, and has the right mix of skills and experience.

Proven and commercial contract negotiators

We have reviewed thousands of BAU contracts. 

We know what drives risk and what is 'market' so your contracts won't be "overlawyered".

Traditional solutions are expensive

Law firms are hesitant to provide secondees, interim lawyer day-rates are exorbitant, and freelancers have other client priorities.

Save time and money to invest elsewhere

Enjoy fixed-fees. Scale the amount of support you need on a quarterly-basis to make returning from maternity easier with a phased approach.

Benefit from value-adds

Ready-to-go 'battle-tested' contract playbooks

Handy weekly and quarterly reports

Come back from maternity leave to a well-run ship with visibility across all your contracts.

Contracts insights database

Get cover in days, not weeks


Contract onboarding

Send us your previous contract mark-ups and we match this to one of our 'battle-tested' playbooks. You can make a round of changes, agree to fall-back positions, and discuss key risks.



Post-onboarding, just send contracts our way using your dedicated email inbox. We use former in-house lawyers and fancy tech behind-the-scenes that saves you time and money. 

"Lexoo was quick to understand our business, map out internal processes and develop a playbook. We immediately felt relieved, trusted the quality and consistency of their work, and were able to focus on strategic work”."

Tom Goodman, Head Commercial Legal


Talk to us aboutgetting maternity cover support 

If you could use a hand covering a team member on maternity leave send us a message, and we’ll get back to you same day.

You can also email us at




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