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Single Point of Contact

Lexoo project managers co-ordinate all lawyers, documents and deadlines on your behalf. 
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One Engagement Letter

Engage Lexoo for your project with a single engagement letter and we sort out the rest.

Full visibility
Get real-time updates on the progress of your project via our project dashboards.

Tailored Deliverable
Receive your legal advice how it's most valuable to you.
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Better work delivered
GCs and their legal teams are questioning the value of traditional firms when it comes to cross-border transactions and multi-jurisdictional projects. Teams are increasingly pushing back on exorbitant legal fees for lawyers to (inefficiently) manage these kinds of projects. Rather than turning to traditional firms, that often fail to meet deadlines and budget effectively, more and more legal teams are turning to Lexoo for support on multi-jurisdictional projects. 

Lexoo is uniquely placed to help teams coordinate local counsel around the globe, through our dedicated team of legal project managers. They help you maximise efficiency and take the planning, chasing and managing off your plate. They'll be your single point of contact helping navigate the risks and challenges that arise, and make sure that the project is running according to schedule.

Managed Projects

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Our legal project management is accompanied by a dashboard which enables teams to seamlessly track progress and share information with stakeholders, without having to chase lawyers.
We also work with you to tailor how the work is delivered according to what is of most value to you, be it five bullet points, a risk matrix or something entirely different.

How we're helping clients in this way
      • Localisation of terms and conditions 
      • Cross-border finance transactions
      • Local regulatory advice
      • M&A transactions
      • Foreign debt collection
      • Local employment advice
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How we're supporting other legal teams this way

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Get legal advice that matches your commercial goals, every time. 👇

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