Frequently asked questions

InfoSec / IT security

Does LexPlay "read" my contracts?

No. LexPlay does not process or store the content of the contracts, with the exception of "parsing" the agreement to identify defined terms. This parsing is performed each time the Word document is opened, and all of the processing is done client-side (i.e., none of the contract data is sent across to our servers). Thus the information is not stored, nor is it processed outside of the Word application environment.

Do you store personal data?

Yes. Personal data stored in our database:

1. Name of the user (used to identify the user)

2. Email address of the user (used as authentication and also for emailing notifications)

3. Company name

Artificial intelligence

Does LexPlay use AI or Machine Learning?

No. LexPlay does not currently use AI to process your agreements. Lexoo, unlike many tech startups, is also a legal services provider and our legal team sits at the heart of our product strategy. This means any new AI functionality will need to be tested our lawyers first so we're confident the value it delivers feels compelling.

Can LexPlay automatically "generate" my playbook?

No. LexPlay is a playbook builder tool. However, we include a variety of templates based on commonly negotiated agreement types (i.e., third party vendor / supplier contracts, SaaS sales agreements, DPAs, etc). These can be easily tweaked and edited so you can build a "rough-and-ready" playbook in just a couple hours.

Building a playbook

Can you build a custom playbook for me?

Yes. Our legal team can work with you to build a custom playbook using LexPlay. To do this, we'll analyse your historic markups as well as any existing internal resources you may have.

How many playbooks can I build in LexPlay?


I'm starting from scratch, how would you recommend I build my playbook?

We found the best way is to build your playbook incrementally so after each review / markup you add new clause entries and fallbacks. This way you only focus on key issues and don't force yourself to think of every conceivable scenario (which is near impossible!)


Does LexPlay work in other languages?

Yes. The playbook content (i.e., fallbacks, template wording, comments, etc.) can be written in any language you need. However, some of the buttons and UI elements within the tool will remain in English.

Who can access / view my playbook?

Only your playbook users. Counterparties you negotiate against won't be able to see your playbook or know you that used LexPlay. Likewise, any comments or drafting inserted from the tool will appear under your Microsoft Word account name.

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