Frequently asked questions

InfoSec / IT security

What safeguards are in place to protect my data in LexPlay?

  • You can read more about we how safeguard your data here.

Artificial intelligence

Can LexPlay generate my playbook using AI?

  • Yes. LexPlay can automatically build playbook entries (i.e., indemnities) based on your inputs (i.e., a set of answers you provide). You can then edit this content so feels right to you, or delete it!

What AI does LexPlay use?

  • OpenAI's API platform for ChatGPT4.

Will my data be used to train public models?

  • No. Your data will not be used by OpenAI to train their public models.

What data is sent to LexPlay's model?

  • Only your specific answers to the questions in the AI wizard are shared with the model, and you control what you put into those answers boxes. Your answers will not be used by OpenAI for training their public models.

Does LexPlay send my contracts to Lexoo or OpenAI?

  • No. Word docs (i.e., the agreements you would be reviewing) are not sent to Lexoo or OpenAI at any point.

Intellectual property rights

Who owns the IP rights to my playbook content?

  • You own the IP rights to the playbook content (i.e., anything your write or notes you make in LexPlay). This means if you ever stop using LexPlay, you can export your playbook (PDF) to take with you.

Building playbooks

How many playbooks can I build in LexPlay?

  • As many as you want!

How would you recommend I build my playbook without using AI?

  • We found the best way is to build your playbook incrementally so during each review / markup you make notes for that clause similar to jotting down things when you attend a meeting. This way you only focus on key issues and don't force yourself to think of every conceivable scenario (which is near impossible!)

Does LexPlay come with playbook templates?

  • Yes. We also include a variety of templates based on commonly negotiated agreement types (i.e., third party vendor / supplier contracts, SaaS sales agreements, etc). These can be tweaked and edited so you can build a "rough-and-ready" playbook in less time.

Sharing and editing playbooks

Can I share playbooks with my team?

  • Yes. You can share playbooks with your team after inviting them to join LexPlay.

Who can edit my playbook?

  • When inviting new users, you can control who can edit, or alternatively, view but not edit your playbooks.

Are my playbooks synced across my team?

  • Yes. The playbooks you create in LexPlay are a shared across your team so any edits you make are seen by other users.


Does LexPlay work in other languages?

  • Yes. The playbook content (i.e., fallbacks, template wording, comments, etc.) can be written in any language you need. However, some of the buttons and UI elements within the tool will remain in English.

Can counterparties see that I used LexPlay?

  • No. Counterparties won't be able to see your playbook or know that you that used LexPlay. Likewise, any comments or wording inserted from the Word add-in will appear under your Microsoft Office account user name.

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