Why Lexoo?

Connect with great clients 

Our Client Solutions team is always speaking with great new clients to connect with our legal network, from fast-moving fintechs like Monzo and Revolut, to large multi-nationals like Vodafone and Lufthansa. 

Flexibility & Freedom 

Take back control of your career and work with the clients you want, in a way that works for you. Lexoo offers a wide variety of engagements from one-off legal matters and ongoing legal work to interim support. 

Streamlined services 

We offer a seamless user experience for our lawyers, whether it involves applying to become part of our network, onboarding, receiving assistance from our friendly customer support team or requesting and receiving payments. 

Ways of working with Lexoo

Legal Network 

Lexoo’s Legal Network consists of independent boutique legal practitioners practicing around the UK and in 70+ countries around the world. 

If you're a talented lawyer or legal consultant looking to expand your existing client book, please apply via the page below. 

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Interim Network 

Lexoo’s clients also reach out to address staffing needs for their in-house teams, whether that be part-time, full-time or permanent. 

If you're an experienced legal contractor interested in exploring our opportunities please visit our Interim network page below. 

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Don't just take it from us...

We recently invited all of our lawyers to anonymously take part in a questionnaire about how their lives have changed since joining Lexoo.

Here's what they had to say:

"It provides the opportunity to potentially work with clients that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to pitch to. Plus the Lexoo staff are so friendly and approachable!"

"Lexoo is a great choice for independent lawyers and for clients looking for experienced, enthusiastic legal help."

"The quality of clients Lexoo offers me and the regularity with which I receive good corporate and commercial RFQs is commendable."

"I nearly left the Law altogether because I was unfulfilled, unmotivated and unhappy. I set up my own firm 3 years ago and became a Lexoo lawyer soon after. No regrets whatsover."

"Innovative way to reach quality lawyers and clients."

"Life as a lawyer is actually pretty good when you get away from big firms."

"Lexoo has helped me grow my business and the Lexoo team are a delight to work with, very friendly, efficient, dynamic and innovative. I am very honoured to be a lawyer on the platform."

"The type of work... is perfect for me. I love the variety of clients and work. Also the Lexoo Team is very responsive and super helpful."

Lawyer Quotes


Lexoo is a disruptive NewLaw service provider connecting a network of high-quality lawyers to in-house teams in need of external legal support via our innovative platform. With Lexoo, lawyers can connect with great clients, track their engagements and request payment all in one place. 

Lexoo lawyers have a strong professional background of working at a top-tier law firm or in-house team and are keen to take back control of their career and work flexibly. They are ambitious lawyers who want to use their expertise and knowledge to work with great clients and embrace a new relationship with clients which is flexible and transparent. 

The Lexoo network includes solo and boutique firm practitioners as well as freelance lawyers and legal consultants, all of whom are qualified to practice in their respective jurisdictions. 

It's really up to you! Work in your preferred area of expertise or keep your offering broad, we do the work of matching you with engagements that suit your offering. 

We also offer a range of engagement types from one-off matters and ongoing legal work to large cross-border projects and interim work, so you can choose the engagements that best suit your schedule and your professional goals. 

There are no fees for lawyers to join our network and respond to RFPs or apply for ongoing roles. Only when lawyers are engaged by a client, are fees incurred. 

Lawyers in our legal network aren't employed by Lexoo nor are they exclusive to us. So, you can keep working with your great existing clients and continue doing your own marketing if you wish!


Have more questions?

We know that choosing your business partners is a tough decision so if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Drop our Legal Network Team an email here: apply@lexoo.co.uk

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