Free your scale-up from routine contract negotiations

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Recognise new revenue faster

Get a scalable legal team for a fixed-fee

Protect your business from key risks

Our lawyers can return markups in max 2 days and help your sales team drive deals to completion.

Leverage our team and avoid hiring in-house or paying hefty rates asked by law firms and freelancers.

Reduce your exposure to key legal risks (and know where you stand if something goes wrong).

Legal team

Work done by our expert lawyers

  • We won't "overlawyer" your contracts and create more work (and delays) on your side.
  • Our legal team can coordinate with your stakeholders or sales team, just like a colleague would.

Handy insights and reporting

  • Get real-time visibility into the status of contract negotiations using a simple dashboard.
  • View key contractual terms and provisions with a contracts database (ideal for exiting and due diligence).
  • Receive weekly and quarterly reports.

Pay per agreement

Get in touch for a fixed quote

usually 50% cheaper than a law firm

billed monthly for # of agreements sent

end-to-end negotiation (no matter how many rounds)

includes calls with counterparties (where needed)

Agreements we can help with:

coordinating with key stakeholders / your sales team

  • SaaS sales agreements
  • Data privacy agreements (DPAs)
  • MSAs and SOWs
  • vendor / procurement contracts
  • sponsorship contracts
  • partnership agreements
  • sub-contractor agreements
  • affiliate agreements
  • other English language commercial contracts

access to weekly reports / insights dashboard

Monthly subscription


depending on scope / rough monthly volumes

billed quarterly upfront

save up to 20%+ compared to paying per agreement

get full budget certainty

track key contractual provisions and obligations

manage e-signature / contract storage process

includes a free playbook to help your sales team negotiate your contracts in a safe, consistent way

Contract review | Sales agreements


"A great alternative to law firms and freelancers. If you need support reviewing contracts, speak to them."

Fraser Hopper

VP of Operations

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