Get contract support for your SaaS scale-up

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Review and negotiate contracts at scale without hiring a full-time lawyer.


Fast, expert, unlimitedcontract review and negotiation




Fast turnaround

SaaS contract experts

Unlimited contract reviews

Get markups in 2 days or less.

Our team of SaaS lawyers have negotiated thousands of contracts.

Unlimited "all-you-can-send" contract reviews for a fixed quarterly fee. 

Get on with running your business. 

Free up time for strategy and growth

Accelerate new revenue

I'm the CEO/CFO/COO, not a lawyer! Reviewing contracts doesn't interest me and isn't really a good use of my time.

My sales contracts are piling up and

blocking new deals from closing (and revenue being recognised).

Protect your business fromkey risks

Get scalable legal support

I need help minimising my exposure to key commercial risks, and know where I stand if something goes wrong.

I need help negotiating contracts but we don't want to hire in-house or pay hefty rates asked by law firms and freelancers.

Example contracts reviewed:

SaaS sales agreements

Vendor / procurement contracts

Enterprise MSAs and SOWs

Sub-contractor agreements

Reseller agreements

Affiliate agreements

Data privacy agreements (DPAs)

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

...and more!

How about foreign jurisdictions? (outside the UK)

We can review any English language agreement at face value as part of this offering.

Legal team

Work done by our expert lawyers

  • No "overlawyering" - we won't mangle your contracts and create more work (and delays) on your side.
  • Our team can coordinate with your sales team, just like a colleague would.
  • We apply our 'battle-tested' playbook (or we can use yours) to eliminate bouncing questions back to you.

Handy insights and reporting

  • Get real-time visibility into the status of contract negotiations using a simple dashboard.
  • View key contractual terms and provisions with a contracts database (ideal for exiting and due diligence).
  • Receive weekly and quarterly reports.

Unlimited reviews for a fixed quarterly fee

Perfect for: companies without an in-house legal team who want to fully outsource their routine commercial contract work.

Fixed quarterly subscription (cheaper than hiring in-house)

Unlimited plan

Adopt our detailed playbook (or use your own)

Get full cost certainty without any caps or limits

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Lexoo over hiring a full-time lawyer?

Lexoo allows you to 'future-proof' contract review work with a team of expert SaaS lawyers that can scale easily as you grow. You'll never need to hire again to do the work or pay a hefty in-house salary (we guarantee better value compared to an equivalent in-house hire).

How about hiring an external law firm?

Hiring a law firm for this type of work is expensive (and frankly, overkill). They're incentivised to eliminate all legal risk as opposed to enabling quick commercial progress. We know what drives risk but we won't prolong negotiations for a minor point at your own expense.

How quickly can you get started?

We can begin reviewing contracts in less than 1 week. 

Can you take on international work?

Yes.  Where a contract is in English but is not governed by a law we are qualified in, we will typically review the document at face value, similar to how an in-house lawyer would approach it. 


Talk to us aboutcontract review support

If you could use a hand with your commercial contracts leave us a message and we’ll get back to you same day.




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