Get contract review off your to-do list

Get overflow support for busy periods

Cover resource gaps in your team

Free up time for strategic work

Commercial contract review and negotiation for in-house legal teams. 

Maintain quick turnaround times 


Fast 2-day markup guaranteed

Work done by former in-house lawyers

More cost effective than hiring

No "bounce-back" or rework

  • We have detailed playbooks (or we can use yours) to ensure your contract terms are applied consistently. 
  • We are a team of former in-house lawyers who understand the drivers of commercial risk.
  • We can coordinate with internal stakeholders, just like a colleague would.

Fast 2-day turnarounds (even during busy periods)

  • Maintain quick turnaround times during busy periods (i.e., end of quarter, big internal project or when a team member leaves).
  • Eliminate your contracts backlog in days.

Reduce legal spend

  • No need to use expensive law firms and interim lawyers to negotiate routine contracts.
  • Avoid recruiter fees when a member of your legal team leaves.

Pay per agreement

Get in touch a fixed quote

usually 50% cheaper than a law firm

billed monthly for # of agreements sent

end-to-end negotiation (no matter how many rounds)

includes calls with counterparties (where needed)

Agreements we can help with:

coordinating with key stakeholders / your sales team

  • SaaS sales agreements
  • Data privacy agreements (DPAs)
  • MSAs and SOWs
  • vendor / procurement contracts
  • sponsorship contracts
  • partnership agreements
  • sub-contractor agreements
  • affiliate agreements
  • other English language commercial contracts

access to weekly reports / insights dashboard

Monthly subscription


depending on scope / rough monthly volumes

billed quarterly upfront

save up to 20%+ compared to paying per agreement

get full budget certainty

track key contractual provisions and obligations

manage e-signature / contract storage process

includes a free playbook to help your sales team negotiate your contracts in a safe, consistent way

Contact us

If you could use a hand with your commercial contracts leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you same day. 

You can also email us at:

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