“This created a lot of trust in [Lexoo], both from my side, but also the management team’s side.”

Multi-country project | Employment

General Counsel, Mathilde Faldbakken



Xeneta needed employment advice across three jurisdictions and General Counsel, Mathilde, knew that running the project herself would be a massive drain on her time. The company is very fast paced and Mathilde didn’t think she could afford the time that would be spent sourcing, instructing and managing lawyers across multiple countries. 

Mathilde had worked with Lexoo in the past and thought our multi-country projects offering would be a good solution for her problem. She knew that Lexoo could provide a pragmatic approach while remaining a cost-effective option.

Securing budget

To help the business understand the commercial value of going with Lexoo rather than Mathilde managing the work herself, we built a business case showing the time she would save. Instead of spending time sourcing, vetting and chasing lawyers, reworking local counsel’s legal advice, she could be advising the business on more important things. 

The business case enabled Mathilde to approach her board to secure the budget required.

Xeneta is a tech company disrupting the shipping industry. Its platform is designed to provide real-time and on-demand ocean and air freight rate analytics to guide strategic freight procurement and supply chain decisions.

“This created a lot of trust in [Lexoo], both from my side, but also the management team’s side.”

General Counsel, Mathilde Faldbakken


In order for projects to run smoothly and on-budget, it’s vital to scope it thoroughly. This was key to running the project with Xeneta’s business needs in mind. Over a brief phone call we identify the internal requirements, desired outcome, how we can best deliver this. When scoping, it’s important to consider aspects such as;

  • What is important to the business? 
  • What is the client looking to achieve? 
  • How does the project fit into the wider business goals?

“It was as if I had a full team of Xeneta employees by my side, who were as dedicated to Xeneta as I am”


Xeneta needed the project completed within a tight deadline. We worked with our lawyers to produce the initial advice within 24 hours of being engaged. We arranged follow up calls with each of the lawyers to clarify any uncertainties the next day and delivered the necessary documents shortly after.  

Within two and a half days, the project was complete, with a handy summary table of the advice setting out the key points that were important to Xeneta for the project.

“[Lexoo] really did go above and beyond for us, and I massively appreciate that.”


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