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"Lexoo's impressive service allows our team to quickly find and work with quality lawyers in foreign jurisdictions without having to rely on international firms and their associated costs. Highly recommended."

General Counsel, Sam Ross
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WorldRemit is an online payment service that lets people send money to friends and family internationally using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It is a convenient, low-cost alternative to traditional money transfer companies that use high street agents and charge high fees.
The matter 

Since 2016, WorldRemit’s in-house legal team has grown considerably. The team often requires local counsel input and relying on global law firms is an expensive solution that’s not always suitable.

The business is continuing to grow rapidly and resources are stretched so spending time locating and vetting local lawyers is not a priority for the legal team. Relying on peer networks also doesn’t guarantee the most cost-effective legal advice.

How we helped

Lexoo has unrivalled access to the very best boutique law firms and practitioners around the world and is uniquely placed to support busy, global in-house teams of fast-growing companies.

Since 2016, Lexoo has worked closely with WorldRemit to provide tailored fixed fee quotes from pre-vetted local counsel in 1-2 days when needed.
This has ranged from tax, employment, commercial contracts, marketing and property law specialists in the UK, USA, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. WorldRemit has forged strong relationships with many of these lawyers who have come to understand WorldRemit’s business and who continue to provide ongoing support.

WorldRemit recently engaged a Lexoo lawyer in Africa and has also approached Lexoo for assistance with larger global legal projects.



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