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Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides a view of consumers and markets worldwide. They have operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population.

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In late 2019, global research & data analytics company Nielsen came to Lexoo to get assistance, with an important project.

The company was publishing a research study in nine countries, and Senior Lawyer, Serena, wanted assistance in understanding the relevant obligations in each country.

"I had worked with Lexoo before and knew they had lawyers all over the world, so they seemed like a good option for this work.”

Senior Legal Consultant, Serena Satheesen


How we've helped

Like all projects we undertake, it’s vital for us to understand what the team needs to achieve. We use that to create a detailed project scope, and agree on the ideal deliverable. Having clarity from the outset also enables us to offer fixed fees.

Considering Nielsen’s project involved obtaining legal opinions across multiple countries, it was clear our Managed Projects service was the best way forward. We were Serena’s single point of contact throughout, keeping her up to date with developments and progress, removing any need to liaise with lawyers individually. Our team in London identified ideal lawyers in each country, engaged them on the project, and brought them up to speed with Nielsen’s commercial objectives.

"I thought I’d have to review a proposal from each lawyer in all of these jurisdictions and then engage each of them, brief them, answer their questions… But Lexoo did all of this. I hired Lexoo, with a single engagement letter and a single fee, and they handled the rest."

For this category of work, we provide clients with access to a live dashboard on Lexoo that enables teams to effortlessly track progress and share information with stakeholders, without having to chase lawyers. In this case, Nielsen’s page showed the progress status in each country with an interactive map and links to the relevant documents.

Once we received counsel’s advice, our operations team (all former lawyers) ran an initial sense check of the work, ensuring the project’s objectives were met and the advice was clear and commercial. We created an executive summary table for Nielsen, highlighting the key points we knew were important to Nielsen. We also always include a round of clarification questions for our clients, coordinating questions with local counsel and ensuring updates are reflected in the executive summary table.

"Lexoo going back and forth with the lawyers to answer my questions saved me so much time and effort. They made sure everything was clear and I only had to say things once.  The covering summary they provided was helpful!"


As we were coordinating the clarification process, Nielsen contacted us to say the business needed the advice before the original deadline, an extremely tight turnaround. We contacted each local counsel immediately to see how we could facilitate them delivering the advice faster. After agreeing with counsel, the project was delivered ahead of schedule, at the original fixed fee price.

"There was a lot of pressure about meeting deadlines. I got in touch with Lexoo straight away, and they were very cooperative in ensuring that the work was delivered within the agreed timelines...

... I can’t say enough how happy I am with the result of this project. I never would have been able to get this done within the timelines I had, without Lexoo. I am really grateful for their hard work and team work."


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