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"The speed of regulatory change and the global nature of our business means it’s essential we get the right local advice at the right time. At GBG we strive to act quickly, think differently and work together to get the best outcomes for our customers. Using Lexoo enables us to seek specialist advice whenever we need it, helping us to launch our products into new markets and deliver solutions to our customers, wherever they are in the world. The team at Lexoo have taken time to get to know our business and our unique requirements. This knowledge has helped them to source the most suitable, pragmatic and experienced advisors for each job, saving us time and money compared to more traditional options."

Deputy General Counsel, Natasha Maddock
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GBG, the identity data intelligence firm headquartered in the UK, has more than 1000 team members across 16 countries. They work with clients in 79 countries, including some of the best-known businesses around the world, ranging from US e-commerce giants to Asia’s biggest banks and European household brands.
The matter 

GBG’s busy in-house legal team often requires local counsel support in different jurisdictions.

They recognise that relying on traditional law firms can be an expensive option and locating and vetting local counsel isn't a great use of their time. They often come to Lexoo seeking help on mulit-lawyer and multi-jurisdictional projects.

How we helped

GBG regularly turns to Lexoo to engage high-quality, commerically-focused, and cost-effective lawyers around the world.

GBG has used Lexoo to localise its terms and conditions in Australia, ensure supplier contracts are GDPR compliant, and ensure ontracts are compliant with the Australian Privacy Act.

In every case, Lexoo provided GBG with access to highly-experienced lawyers in less than 24 hours. These lawyers have left BigLaw and now work on a low-overhead model, including as legal consultants or in boutique firms.

They offer the same quality advice but with greater flexibility and price transparency. They’re also no longer constrained by high billable hour targets.



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